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Universal Quantum Technology

quest 9

To level excesses and deficiencies of the Human Body
quest 9
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Software with more than 200 Treatment Screens

Frequency Generator and Bioscanner Equipment

Electro-Dermal Forehead Sensor

Electro-Dermal Sensor for Wrists

Electro-Dermal Sensor for Ankles

Results and Treatment Reading Software

Quest 9 technology

Science and Complementary Medicine


Created by William Charles Nelson (Bill Nelson), recognized mathematical genius of quantum physics. Focused on the Vega Voll and Mora bioelectrical systems, as well as cranial electrical stimulation (CES) units. These units can measure the body's electrical response to identify health problems or emit frequencies to cure such problems, managing to do both functions at the same time.

Through its electrodermal sensors, the
quest 9 It records the galvanic resistance of the skin, which undergoes changes due to moods. That is, it uses non-invasive micro frequencies based on advanced algorithms to deliver a detailed diagnosis of what your body needs to heal. 
The QUEST 9 uses electro-dermal sensors, placed on the patient's wrists, ankles and head, to measure galvanic skin resistance (GSR), also known as electro-dermal response (EDR). The GRS measures mild electrical impulses on the surface of the skin according to humidity and thereby perceives changes in emotional states.

The data found by the team allows the patient to understand how to react to stress and learn to have better control over their physiological reactions.

This coding process can be complemented with
subtle micro frequencies with plasma emissions, generators of
zero point waves and breathing techniques.

· Takes a bioelectrical reading.
· Identify energy imbalances.
· Records the galvanic resistance of the skin.
· Use non-invasive frequencies.
· Restores the balance of the energy field.
· Provide a detailed diagnosis of what you
  body needs to heal.
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