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Vibratory Frequency Technology

RIFE Homeopathy

Exclusive to Emanar.
emanate homeopathy

RIFE Electronic Homeopathy

It contains the numerical equivalent of the wave frequency possessed by the original healing substance, and is capable of irradiating this frequency to a neutral substance, producing a better healing effect, just as if the original substance had been subjected to hundreds of thousands of dilutions. , making it more effective.

Our homeopathics are infused with frequencies  certain, based on the radio frequency, being specific and delimited so they will have an exact reaction to the illness that you want to treat.

Faced with the Western therapeutic paradigm of eliminating or fighting against the disease, its symptoms and its etymological agents; Homeopathy proposes a therapy based on the Hippocratic principle in which like is cured by like, strengthening the body to heal itself.

emanate homeopathy




Auxiliary in the body's detoxifying process as it acts on the emuntory organs (the intestines, liver, skin, kidneys, lungs and lymphatic system) to cleanse and purify (Detoxify).
Auxiliary in relieving symptoms caused by bacteria and viruses by stimulating and strengthening the immune system, added with sea plasma as a bio-conductor and remineralizer.


Auxiliary in the relief of rheumatoid and traumatic arthritis,  paralysis associated with spasmodic rigidity.
Muscle overload, muscle weakness. Reduction of connective tissue. Joint and muscle pain.


Auxiliary in relieving infections in the throat, larynx, pharynx with elevated mucus, irritation, swollen glands, purulent stage. Fever accompanying throat discomfort.
Assist in alleviating cognitive or thought process changes, including reduced memory and ability to solve problems and do calculations.


Auxiliary in the relief of neuralgic type pain, pain of  head, trigeminal nerve, inflammation of all serosae, stabbing pain, occipital headache, pain in eyeballs, migraines, cardiac distress, nervous irritability, disorders of brain functions.



Auxiliary in the physical recovery processes, as it allows adequate assimilation of nutrients and oxygenation of the blood. Useful in diseases
degenerative or chronic diseases.


Auxiliary in the body's detoxifying process as it acts on the emuntory organs (the intestines, the
liver, skin, kidneys, lungs and system
lymphatic) to cleanse and purify (Detoxify).
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