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The revolution in personalized therapy comes with the

Higgs O Healing Bed

RIFE Frequency Enhanced Magnetic Field Therapy
Higgs O Healing Bed

Exclusive Software for the Specialization of Healing Bed Therapies

We innovate pulsed magnetic field therapy with innovative software developed to facilitate and make therapies more efficient, achieving better results in less time.

With Automatic mode, you will only have to select the condition from our preloaded menu, and our software will generate the exact frequency so you can be sure that it is correct.

You can treat up to 10 conditions per therapy, in the time you select, making the procedure completely practical and automatic.
Emanar Technology for the Higgs O Healing Bed
Higgs O Healing Bed

2 Powerful CoilsHG2 for the emission of Magnetic Field Microfrequencies

Connected to a Specialized Frequency Generator, and powered by an Amplifier, both coils strategically placed in the Healing Bead, will provide a field that penetrates each cell of the body at a quantum level, carrying the indicated frequency to help in their healing.

These coils can simultaneously transmit RIFE frequencies, which makes them unique on the market, expanding the range of therapies for the most demanding therapists.

The Magnetic Fields produced by the HG2 Coil are regulated and calibrated at 200 - 300 Gauss, low frequency and low intensity, making this a totally safe device.
Higgs O Healing Bed
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Coil 1 Pulsed Magnetic Field Generator

Frequency Generator

Coil 2 Pulsed Magnetic Field Generator

Frequency Amplifier

Computer with Touch Panel and Exclusive Software

Premium Super Padded Stretcher

Electrical Power 110V

Increase your number of therapies, without investing more time.

Thanks to the Software developed by Emanar, you will be able to increase your profits when giving therapy, without investing more time, since with our technology, the Healing Bed, it is practically automatic, helping your clients to improve their health, and you to increase your profits.

With more than 1000 pathologies preloaded in our software, you will only have to previously identify what you want to treat per session, and schedule the time you want your consultant to be in therapy, and in this simple way, you will be treating up to 10 pathologies in one session. session.



1. The function of the autonomic nerves is normalized, thereby the internal organs controlled by this system regain their balance.

2. Stimulates the secretion of hormones that promote
anti-aging and body revitalization, as well as
the strengthening and revitalization of neuronal tissue and
immune system.

3. Blood and lymphatic circulation is activated, in this way the nutrients are easily transported to each of the body's cells, improving metabolism.

4. The movement of hemoglobin in blood vessels is accelerated by magnetism and total and low-density cholesterol is significantly decreased. In addition, platelet aggregation is balanced and consequently the probability of clot formation decreases.

5. It has very important effects in reducing and controlling blood pressure.

6. Stimulates waste elimination mechanisms
(detoxification) at the cellular level and in organs such as emuntoria (kidneys, lungs, skin, liver and intestines).
7. Stimulates melatonina, promoting sleep deep.

8. Promotes rapid wound healing traumatic and postoperative.

9. Auxiliary in chronic pain caused by arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatic diseases and postoperative.

10. Helpful in stress, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and all types of emotional disorders.

11. Improves the permeability of the cell membrane, facilitates metabolic function and the entry-exit of ions (for the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells).

12. Helps cellular and biological endocrine activity, strengthening and revitalizing the body.

13. Considerably increases the body's self-healing.



The frequency at which diseased cells vibrate is transmitted


Diseased cells resonate with the frequencies and are destroyed


Healthy cells, when vibrating at another frequency, do not suffer any damage

Furthermore, by specifically adjusting frequencies to each pathology, our technologypromotes and accelerates the healing of some diseases, being effective as support in conditions such as:
· Anemia
· Arteriosclerosis
· Joint disorders
· Bronchitis
· Cancer
· Aortic stenosis
· Diabetes
· Hemorrhages
· Leukemia
· Necrosis
· Neuralgia
· Neuritis
· Paralysis
· Microbial diseases
· Edema of any origin

· Osteoarthritis
· Among others
· Muscular dystrophy
· Multiple sclerosis
· Sports injuries
· Painful or non-painful inflammations
· Tendonitis
· Bone-muscle pain
· Sprains
· Rehabilitation of atonic fractures and ulcers,
  chronic or acute
· Rehabilitation for burns:
  reduction of pain and healing.
· Low back pain
· Sciatica
· Cervical syndrome
· Plateletopenia
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