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The best super conductor for human use

Marine Plasma

Allow the energy to flow
Marine Plasma

Monatomic Gold stolen directly from the sea

It is obtained from sea water through a biochemical process, with which mineral microelements are obtained in mono state.
atomic. It is also known as monatomic gold and
It is one of the most powerful natural medicines that exist on the planet.

This superconductor makes energy flow without impediments, this being the key to changing the physical, mental and biological state of our being, thereby facilitating the flow of energy and bio-electricity in the nervous system and the entire body.

The seawater plasma is reinforced with nano solid gas (GANS) to enhance the superconductivity of all the minerals in seawater and combat mainly any type of pathogen, additionally, loaded with frequencies that help restore health.

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Marine Plasma
Increased cognitive abilities
Greater mental clarity
Improve memory
Helps with better ability to concentrate
Improves communication between both cerebral hemispheres
Eliminates insomnia
It enhances sleep quality
Provides greater vitality and energy
Delays aging
Stimulates serotonin production
Natural antidepressant
It reduces stress
Helps relieve anxiety
Brings calm
Cell regeneration and DNA repair
Strengthens the immune system
Remineralizes and facilitates better grading between cells


Monatomic Gold is one of the most potent, powerful natural medicines on the planet. It is a whitish substance obtained from minerals found in seawater, such as GOLD, PLATINUM, SILVER, IRIDIUM, RADIO, ZINC, MAGNESIUM, IRON, POTASSIUM, PHOSPHORUS, CALCIUM, COPPER among many others.
All these elements are in a monatomic state and have super conductivity and high bioavailability.

Mode of Use

Dilute in half a glass of pure water from 2.5 ml to 5 ml twice a day, in the morning on an empty stomach and before going to sleep at night.

Composition of Ormus

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