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Introducing the all-new

Higgs O Mag

Cellular Regeneration Therapy
Higgs O Mag
Higgs O Mag
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Customizable Laser Engraved Logo

Plasma Generation System

Power Regulator

Pause Button Between Therapies

The turn on and turn off button

110V Electrical Power Cable

Coated Electrodes for Therapeutic Use

Higgs O Mag Technology

Powerful plasma generatorHG3 last generation

Gravitational magnetic technology is released and transmitted through of a copper nano-coating, which absorbs energy from ambient plasma, releasing usable plasma.

Our scalar wave technology,Discovered by Tesla and developed by James Clerk, it also generates Negative Ions and powerful orgone energy in the environment.

We bring zero-point technology to the comfort of your home.
Our Zero Point Frequency technology, or also known as Tesla Waves, generates longitudinal electrical waves, which propagate in the direction of the electromagnetic field of the human body, filling the cells, tissues, organs and systems with energy, to provide optimal functioning, helping to the natural regeneration of the body.

In addition, the orgone energy released into the environment neutralizes all Negative Radio Frequency in the environment, providing an ideal space for the recovery of the human body.

Achieve Better Results with Your Therapies

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