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Boost your results with our

Neodymium magnets

For Biomagnetism Therapies
Neodymium magnets

Neodymium Magnets

Our Neodymium Magnet Kit is designed for the most demanding therapists. They are lined with black and pink vinyl, to give a feeling of comfort to the touch.

The Kit Includes a Wooden Box to protect your Magnets from impacts, and make transportation easy, preventing them from being damaged or attracting metal objects around them.

The content of the Kit is as follows:

- 3 Pairs of 235x2 mm of 8,500 Gauss.
- 3 Pairs of 226x3 mm of 6,000 Gauss.
- 3 Pairs of 215x5 mm of 3,700 Gauss.
- 1 Bipolar Pair of 4,500 Gauss.
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