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Reestablish your Magnetic Field with it

Orgone Replicator

And your Quantum Card
Orgone Replicator

Orgone Programmed with Micro Frequencies.

Generates bioresonance through the emission of vibratory frequencies that oxygenate and harmonize the cells of our
metabolism, balancing the following systems:
cardiovascular, central nervous, reproductive, neuronal, digestive, lymphatic, respiratory, endocrine and emotional.

It works in a similar way to Wi-Fi with cell phones, it emits frequencies and vibrations that are imperceptible to the 5 human senses. When these frequencies emitted by the card are received in the body, they act in places where cellular rearrangement is required so that the cell itself body heals. It works at a subatomic level, capable of generating frequencies and light waves that penetrate the DNA of cells, helping to energetically regulate our body in a 100% natural way.

Orgone energy is equivalent to that known as Qi in Chinese philosophy or Prana in Hinduism, that is, it is the vital flow of energy. It is important to clarify that orgone does not accumulate energy, but rather transforms it and enhances it.
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Orgone Replicator

Tarjeta Cuántica

The orgone medallion amplifies and potentiates the frequencies and vibrations of the EMANAR quantum card and itself increases the vital energy of the components of which it is composed.

Recommendations for use

Use constantly the first 15 days so that the process
restoration of the electromagnetic field is generated in a
appropriate form. After these 15 days, the process of
rebalancing and healing will continue deeply in each
of the organs of the body. Anywhere you sit
pain, place it or place it directly for at least 7 minutes
(support yourself with your hand, with a stocking, with a bandage).

Drink water immediately after removing the accessory,
Through hydration your body will obtain greater
benefit from the effects of the quantum card, since water
maximizes accessory performance.

It is recommended to have a balanced diet and
antioxidant supplements for optimal functioning
of the accessory. This card protects you from radiation
harmful emissions constantly emitted by mobile phones and
the electromagnetic waves emitted by microwaves,
giving you vitality and calm in the face of stress and anxiety.

Mode of Use

Place the quantum card inside the opening of the orgone medallion and place it on a surface close to the body. The practicality and size of the quantum card and the locket
orgon allows you to bring them and move them with you anywhere. The quantum card and the orgone medallion can be placed on the wall or you can use them as a cup holder, this way the water you consume will be impregnated with the
beneficial frequencies and vibrations that both products emit.
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